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January to April 2003

February 2003

Dr Gunn was invited by the Simon Fraser University to talk at a Kinesiology
Seminar. His topic was "The Importance of Having Good Connections -
Persistent Pain and Dysfunction"

March 2003

IMS courses were held in London and Greece this month.  

Thank you to James Pinkney who arranged the course in London.

In Greece more than 100 participants arrived to take part in the IMS course which was arranged between Dr Karanikiotes, Mr Takis Gerolymatos and Dr Gunn.  

Feedback we received indicated that these two courses was a big success.

April 2003
On April 24 another group of eager students arrived for a 4 day theoretical
course in IMS. Feedback from participants was positive. The course was
hosted by Choma, Sim & Associates in Edmonton.

May to August 2003

June 2003
Dr C Chan Gunn was invited to speak on the 1st Annual Squamish Mountain Bike
Festival's Sports-Medicine Conference. He gave an introduction to IMS.


September to December 2003

September 2003
Dr Gunn received the Janet Travell Clinical Pain Management Award from the
American Academy of Pain Management.







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