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IMS has been featured in newspapers, such as the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun, the Vancouver Province; on radio programs such as CKNW, CBC's "Morning Show"; also on television: CBC's "Marketplace," the "Health Show," as well as CTV, BCTV, and Rogers Cablevision.

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Alternative Treatment May Tame Chronic Pain: Getting out of bed one morning, Stephen Botek fell and hit his elbow on the nightstand. Ever since that slip, two of Botek's fingers have been stiff and incapable of moving properly. A psychiatrist by profession but a musician by passion, he felt this was a devastating injury. Read More: http://www.straight.com/article-103828/alternative-treatment-may-tame-chronic-pain

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City Doctor Does Not Use Drugs to Treat Patients: Vancouver doctor Chan Gunn is world famous for his ability to relieve chronic pain but he is also unconventional. He defines pain differently than other doctors do and he treats it differently, too.

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The Point is to Make the Muscles Relax : Typing on my computer may seem like light, easy work. It does not pose the sort of risks that go with many industrial jobs, such heavy lifting or exposure to noxious chemicals.

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Pain Killers : There is help out there for managing pain -- whether from a car smash-up, sports injury, workplace accident, or disease -- if you're willing to look further than your family doctor for alternatives to drugs. Welcome to the nightmare that is chronic pain.

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East Meets West in Pain Treatment : If any type of medical intervention points to the future for individuals with chronic pain, it is IMS, or Intramuscular Stimulation. Ironically, in this day of modern technology, one of the new leading therapies for treating chronic pain conditions is based on a technique...

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Needles That Bring Relief from Chronic Pain: An elderly woman with neck pain sits with two lines of needles stuck into her naked back; an amputee who has suffered 22 years of constant paint lies groaning as his right buttock gets similar treatment...

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IMS Can Help with Chronic Pain : Many people who suffer from chronic pain become frustrated and depressed when nothing helps. They may try medications and various therapies (such as massage, electrotherapy, and manipulations), even surgery, and still do not find lasting relief.

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