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Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome is a serious lung condition brought on by various diseases and injuries.  It kills over 60% of its victims.  This case study found that neuropathy triggered ARDS in one 68-year-old patient.

READ: ARDS: Case Study of a Mystery Killer (PDF)

Low back pain is the most frequent cause of work loss and health care in modern society.  At least 60% of people will suffer from low back pain some time in their lives.  Conventional treatments have yielded relatively poor results.  How does Intramuscular Stimulation fare in low back pain?

READ: IMS of Muscle Motor Points in the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial (PDF)

Torticollis is a painful condition in the cervical spine associated with sustained rotary deformity in the neck.  Photos document one patient's progress with IMS treatment.

READ: Torticollis: A Graphic Presentation of IMS Treatment Course (PDF)

Whiplash injury can cause a spectrum of soft tissue damage, ranging from minor ligamentous strain to major disruptions of stabilizing tissues in the neck and entire spine. The most common cause of whiplash-associated disorders (WAD) is rear-end automobile collision, but sporting injuries are also common.

READ: Review of 46 Patients with Chronic Myofascial Pain following Whiplash Injury (PDF)


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