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To Dr. Craig Martin;

I was out of town when your group visited the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, but feel compelled to relate my experience with Dr. Chan Gunn.

After years of suffering chronic back problems related to the fifth lumbar I found myself unable to participate in virtually any physical activity.  I had the opportunity to see both sports medicine and back specialists, but with little relief.  Dr. Gunn had been recommended to me by Ian Barclay, former chairman of BC Forest Products and director of the Royal Bank, because he had benefited greatly from IMS.  

Within a week of the first treatment I was experiencing positive results and after eight treatments my ability to exert myself physically was better than it had been in several years.  Subsequently I have recommended IMS to many acquaintances who have also experienced very positive results.

I appreciate that these results are anecdotal in nature, but it is without reservation that I attest to the effectiveness of IMS.  In my own case, it brought results that other forms of treatment did not.  While some like massage therapy and chiropractic treatment provided temporary relief, IMS is the only method that provided a cure for what had been a chronic problem.  

I would be happy to elaborate on my personal experience at your convenience.


Michael Campbell,

Senior Business Analyst BCTV, CKNW, Vancouver Sun,

Chairman Western Waffles Group.  


Less than a year ago I was, for lack of a better word, a wreck. Every day I was on ... antidepressants, hormones, muscle relaxers and sleeping pills. My Doctors were telling me that the only possible chance I had at a normal life was through surgery. It was recommended that I get a double disc replacement. As that operation is not available in the States (they only approved the single operation last November) I would have had to go to Germany for the procedure. My insurance company also told me that they would cancel my coverage if I had the double disc replacement done. I was against the wall with no way out and I was tired of the fight.

Then I came to iSTOP. I remember ... [being told] ... not to get the Disc surgery and saying that ... I needed ongoing treatments and that it would hurt and that I would get better. Then ... the first treatment and it hurt....and I felt better. I stuck with the treatments, did not get the operation and am now 95% cured of the pain. Because of these treatments I have been able to get off of all of my medications, work effectively and even have a much stronger home life. It is as though I have woken from a 3 year fog of pain and drug use and more pain. In reality the care I received from iSTOP gave me back my life.

Richard Berry

"After years of spasms, unrelenting pain and useless medication, IMS has renewed my hope, freed me of the medicine and returned me to a peaceful, more comfortable lady.

The gifted and caring doctors at ISTOP are rendering a great service to those in pain.  I am deeply greatful."

Amelia Lindblad

"Today I had my first IMS treatment... and am astounded at the results!

I came ... in the sixth month of my recovery from a severe MVA multitrauma. For the first three months of physio ... has focused on correcting a trendelenberg gate by strengthening my transverse  abs and general increases in strength and ROM. But ongoing and persistent pain in my femoral triangle and intermittent patellar pain significantly impacted the resumption of my normal life and activities around rehabilitation.

On my visit today, ... administered my first IMS treatment and am amazed at the decrease in pain and increase in ROM I've experienced. Thank you so much for teaching ... this technique and helping me manage my pain without the use of analgesics. If the effects of IMS are cumulative, I cannot wait until my next treatment!"

Catherine Millar

"I [am] very pleased to have the opportunity to write ... on how you saved young Kristof's life and how your art can give healing to so many people who cannot be helped by the regular medical profession.  

I do hope that your form of treatment will be fully recognized within the medical system very soon!  I also hope that you will find enthusiastic and gifted Doctors with open minds, very sharp eyes and especially sensitive hands, who want to learn from you and then start practicing this wonderful technique.  May these Doctors then spread their knowledge all over the world so that help can be given to those patients whom the regular medical system is unable to treat!" 

(Extract from letter)


"I am a violinist in the Montreal Symphony, and if it weren't for his IMS technique, I'm not sure I would still be playing now.  Congratulations to him and keep up the good work!"

Thanks again!

(Extract from letter)

Kathy Palyga


Is it worth the effort to drive all the way from Alaska?

Total Estimated Time:   Total Distance: 
47 hours, 17 minutes   3428.11 km

"Alaska couldn't give me any answers to my illness or pain.  I discovered iSTOP on the internet and read about Dr Gunn's work.  I believed that he had the answer to my pain. So, I packed up my 3 year old twins and drove from Ancorage to Vancouver.  Not only the treatments, but also the education that I received was worth every mile!"

Cindy Philby
Ancorage, Alaska

"In June I consulted you with regards to some problems that I was having with my neck and back and received some treatment from you at that time.  The results from this treatment was tremendous and I have been able to function at an activity level that has astounded  the medical practitioners that I was seeing previously in Singapore."

(Extract from letter)

Richard W

"For the previous thirteen months my hips, legs and back gave me almost constant pain.  My posture had deteriorated and I walked with a rather pronounced limp. 


After thirteen treatments at Dr Gunn's clinic, where intramuscular stimulation is used, I am free of constant pain, my left leg has lengthened and I stand erect.  I can never thank Dr Gunn adequately for his gift."

(Extract from letter)


"For over a decade, I suffered with severe chronic myofascial pain.  The pain was debilitating.  I could not function in any capacity I was accustomed to.  Then, after exhausting the alternatives, I found iSTOP and began IMS treatment.  The procedure was so surprisingly effective that I was able to resume all my normal activities.  I even entered and won a medal in the Senior Games -- this from a person who had trouble walking!  I strongly support Dr. Gunn and his pioneering work in the field of chronic pain.  I only wish others suffering the same distress I did will find out about this life-changing treatment."

Kathryn Gillette
Vancouver, BC, Canada


"Three years ago I was diagnosed (within 2 months) with BOTH fibromyalgia and myofascial pain syndrome by 2 different specialists. . .The contractures and resultant pain became so bad that I ended up on disability - egads! As you stated in the medical papers on your web site, I was treated with drugs (and either I couldn't tolerate them or they were ineffective).

Then one day I forgot to take my prescription, and I forgot the next day too. Then I realized, hey, these drugs aren't doing ANYTHING for me, let alone any good, so I went off them. The Long-Term Disability carrier arranged physio through my doctor for me and I, predictably, got worse - because they were treating fibro, but not the problem. I conducted enormous amounts of research (by reading the Trigger Point Manuals, etc.) and decided that I needed to change doctors.

I found a physiotherapist who specializes in IMS and have since been on my long road to healing. In one session alone my low back pain was almost eliminated - after 6 years of debilitating pain! This procedure is amazing and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I now know that I don't have to face a lifetime of intractable pain.

You've restored my hope and faith in our medical practitioners. I've also been actively conversing with other individuals diagnosed with "fibro" and informing them of my success. . . and advising them to seek out your treatment as well as a correct diagnosis. I will continue to spread the word at every opportunity. Again, THANK YOU IMMENSELY!!"

Cate Terek
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I hurt my back when I fell twelve feet in a pole vaulting accident. The pain subsided within two weeks, but years later, returned. I couldn't even get out of bed. I tried every possible treatment until a doctor friend used IMS on me. Within two treatments, I could walk normally. I was so impressed that I gave up all my previous methods of treating chronic pain and adopted Dr. Gunn's technique."

Dr. David Kim
Assistant Professor, New Jersey

"Having personally experienced the relief that IMS can bring, I wish I could go back in time and convince myself not to have the spinal operation. I would have looked for a less invasive, lower risk alternative. IMS would have saved me much pain."

David Cox
England, United Kingdom








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