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"IMS is the most effective method of treatment I have ever learned in medical colleges, neurosurgery resident days. I think IMS have changed my career as a neurosurgeon and many of neurosurgeons and orthopaedic surgeons.

Since I learned IMS in 1995, I have made regular meetings and study groups around my area. So many physicians and surgeons use IMS as their routine job. To get a regular IMS membership, What should they do? I think all of them have a good knowledge of IMS and regards IMS as the most effective and scientific method."

Kwanghwi Ok

"Dr. Gunn has been a key figure in the recognition and treatment of the widespread painful condition of soft tissue rheumatism. He deserves great credit for his classical clinical description of this syndrome."

Professor Patrick Wall FRS, DM, FRCP, Professor Emeritus,
United Medical and Dental Schools, London, UK

"Dr. Chan Gunn, well known in Vancouver for his pioneering work in the successful treatment of chronic pain, has been honored by the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada [and has been named] the Clifford G. Woolfe Lecturer, an honor awarded annually for "significant contributions to the science of the clinical practice of acupuncture."  Dr. Gunn has developed a form of medical acupuncture called intramuscular stimulation, with which he has achieved excellent results among patients for whom all commonly used therapies, including traditional acupuncture, had failed."

The British Columbia Medical Journal
Volume 37, Number 7, July 1995

...meticulously thorough clinical assessment of muscular function, ... more detailed than most orthopaedic examinations ......most important feature, broth from objective observation and personal experience, is the immediacy of response ... most impressive to see immediate and substantial changes in the range of movements, with ... diminution of pain.

C Gregory MB, FRCP (C)

"Trained in traditional Western medicine, I was somewhat skeptical, but as I have seen more and more patients with chronic musculoskeletal pains that do not respond to any conventional form of therapy, I have turned to your...new ideas and solutions. I must say I have been very impressed at the results."

Dr. John W. Bell, Specialist Anesthetist and
Director of Chronic Pain Services, New Zealand

"After 25 years of dealing with problems from the locomotor system I have the opinion that Dr. Gunn's IMS technique is the most important contribution in the field in the last 10 years."

Bengt Johansson MD, Chairman,
Swedish Society for Orthopaedic Medicine

"I have found Gunn's Intramuscular Stimulation technique to be most effective... there is no other pain treatment available to date that can immediately predict in an objective fashion whether a patient will respond to the treatment (administered)."

Jennifer Chu-Andrew, Associate Professor Director,
Electrodiagnosis Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre

"I think your paper is excellent, and very important. So many of these cases go by undetected or misdiagnosed, and the patients are accused (after the usual negative radiologic and orthopedic findings) of being 'crocks'. As I've told you earlier, I've always greatly admired your work, and I think this paper is a very important contribution."

Professor Ronald Melzack, McGill University

"I am an Orthopaedic Manual Therapist and I use IMS frequently throughout my day. With patients who tolerate needles well, it may be the treatment of choice and is the only treatment I might use on them. With other patients IMS can be a valued addition to mobilization, manipulation, stretching, and exercise."

Patricia Tannant, Certified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist

"I am a Korean medical doctor specializing in anesthesiology. I encountered your new pain theory and IMS at the international pain conference last August in Seoul. Recently IMS is my daily main resource for pain management. In every IMS case I find the righteousness of your pain modality in an excellent outcome. I can treat many cervical and lumbar radiculopathy patients who have suffered many years without any help from conventional treatment methods."

Seong Ho Bang, MD

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to train at your institute to learn Intramuscular Stimulation. . . I have put it to good use and have found your technique very effective."

Artemio G. Pagdan, MD

"On September 11th, John reported that he can now be pain free at rest and bear weight for up to 30 minutes before pain recurs. . .This is a remarkable improvement."

John Oldham, RPT

"I was very much impressed by your textbook 'Treating Myofascial Pain'. I work at Toho University as a pain clinician."

Soujun Kure

"I hurt my back when I fell twelve feet in a pole vaulting accident. The pain subsided within two weeks, but years later, returned. I couldn't even get out of bed. I tried every possible treatment until a doctor friend used IMS on me. Within two treatments, I could walk normally. I was so impressed that I gave up all my previous methods of treating chronic pain and adopted Dr. Gunn's technique."

Dr. David Kim, Assistant Professor, New Jersey







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